Religious Jews At Arab Wedding Cause An Uproar At Palestinian Village

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Israelis participated in a wedding held this week in the village of Deir Qaddis in the Ramallah area, sparking a furor on social media, as reported by Kan journalist Nurit Yohanan.

Arab residents of the village were furious that Jews participated in the wedding, who were there on the invitation of Palestinian Arab guests, who work together with them in a car repair shop.

In the video of the wedding, young Jews wearing religious garb dance with the local Arabs to the sound of Middle Eastern music as PLO flags are seen in the background.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Jews celebrating a union that may produce another islamonazi hitler. Reminiscent of some court Jews setting up Ferdinand and Isabella, who then returned the favor by destroying the Spanish Jewry. Why are our people so dumb?!

  2. It would be better if we could all get along with each other. Apparently they were invited to the wedding and it is a pity it incensed the other Arabs.

  3. If they were invited to the wedding, not going would have insulted the people who have invited them. I think it is better that someone else is incensed.

  4. To quote wikipedia:

    > As a result of 1995 accords, 7.7% of Deir Qaddis’ land was transferred to the Palestinian National Authority for civil affairs, so-called Area B

    So any complaints about the flag should be directed to the government of the time. Currently, that is the way it is,

  5. At least it seems like a very tzniusdik wedding. They must of had a mechitza. There’s not one woman in the video. Nu nu, Yishmael learnt a few things from the Tatteh. We know that the zerah of Avraham Aveinu are big in Hachnosas orchim. It doesn’t surprise me that they were welcomed warmly. The shaila is, what do they do on the way out? Avraham made his guests make a Bracha. Unfortunately Yishmael puts a knife in the back R”L. B”H, it ended well for the Chareidim.


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