Religious-Zionists Urged To Boycott IDF

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Bayit Yehudi MK Bezalel Smotrich called upon religious Zionist youngsters to demonstrate their disgust with the IDF’s feminist revolution by delaying army service.

In a B’Sheva article titled, “Saving the Army by not Enlisting,” Smotrich explained the rationale behind his appeal.

“The IDF needs quiet and manpower,” he wrote. “If it is made to understand that just as it fears that possible terror might arise from gender groups and their supporters, we also know how to impose confusion and headaches… Moreover, if yeshivos and pre-army academies keep back their students a few extra months to strengthen their Torah studies and skip one draft class, the army will ask itself what it prefers: quality, motivated fighters or gender-shared facilities in [the] Bahad 1 [officer school].

“At present, because we are true idealists and always volunteer with no questions asked, the IDF is not faced with such as choice,” he concluded.

Smotrich’s remarks enraged political leaders from the right and left. Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett tweeted in response to his article, “The IDF is us and we don’t threaten ourselves. No group, certainly not religious Zionism, has the right to ‘teach the IDF’ how to behave and certainly not to boycott or delay the draft.”

MK Erel Margalit of Zionist Union demanded that Attorney General Avichai Mendelbilt investigate Smotrich for sedition, claiming, “These severe acts committed by MK Smotrich sharply and clearly constitute incitement to dodge the draft and to not comply with orders.”

“There’s no place in the State of Israel, as a Jewish and Democratic country, for a public servant to call for open rebellion in the people’s army,” she added.

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  1. Unfortunately,the IDF is NOT the people’s army, it is now a leftist,anti-religious institution and is NO place for a frum yid.Smotrich is saying what all the dati leumi rabbis should be getting together to say—stop the immoral gender “integration” and other far-leftist policies or the dati leumi won’t serve.The red line has been crossed, it’s time to firmly say that Torah comes first.

  2. Suppose there is a man whose father dies. He is the only child and suppossed to get the inheritance. But he hates his father. Years before his father dies the son changes his name and destroys any documentation connecting himself to his father. For years before his father dies the son continues to claim that his father is not his father. Even when his father is dying and writes a will the son claims no connection with his father. When his father finally dies the son hires an expensive lawyer to claim his inheritance. But the son has no documentation to prove that his father is his father.. The Torah is the will. The lawyer is the IDF. But if we deny our identity we have no claim to the torah and what it gives us. The Torah is what gives us our strength and claims to eretz yisroel, There is no IDF, no lawyer that is going to be able to help us if we dont have that connection. Only when we identify as jews and keep the mitzvot can we claim our inheritance . Torah and Torah alone gives us our success in the battlefield. So no, the idf no matter how good a lawyer he is is going to be able to help us, so why hire him?


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