Remarkable: Israelis Create “Super Plants” that Resist Drought

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farmerResearchers in Israel have grown genetically engineered plants that can live longer and resist long periods without water and can yield more produce. Scientists from the Faculty of Biology at the Technion in Haifa have created “super plants” by modifying the longevity hormone zytokinin. Technion biology professor Simon Gepstein explained that in plants, ageing comes when zytokinin levels drops. Researchers prevented the breakdown of the hormone and made it stay higher for a longer period, preventing ageing.

“The vegetables and fruits now last double and sometimes three times more after they are cut if they come from the genetically modified plants. I took a modified lettuce home and it took 21 days for it to start getting brown, whereas normal lettuce goes bad in five or six days.” Moreover, they only need 30% of the water normal plants need. “Our plants are not dangerous for human health because we have altered them using their own components. They have nothing added to them.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Let’s encourage Europe and the Arab countries to stick to their boycotts and refuse to benefit from this achievement. The honorable thing would be to be true to their principles and starve.

  2. Please, if anyone knows what yeshiva these sciencetist went to let me know.
    The administration should get a good pat on the back as well.

  3. They cannot know for a fact that there is no danger to human or other health. They messed with the genome of the plant, it is still a frankenlettuce.


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