Remembering Our Unforgettable Avigail a”h

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candleBy Rav Chaim and Rebbetzin Rivka Wakslak

Last evening an extremely large levaya took place in Los Angeles, and in many ways it touched on giving our Avigail [Rechnitz] a”h the kavod acharon she so richly deserved.

This morning a large contingency of family members boarded a flight to Eretz Yisroel, accompanying her to her final resting place on Har Hamenuchos. There will be a second levaya at Shamgar, going to Har Hamenuchos, on Thursday at approximately 3:00 p.m.

We will begin sitting shivah, most likely, at the home of a mishpacha member in Rechavia for a few hours. We will then take a return flight back to Los Angeles on Thursday night and return on Friday.

Our primary place for sitting shivah, which includes Yisroel Zev and Yisroel Zev’s and Avigail’s children, Menachem, Mordy and Yali, will be at their home at 143 North Formosa Avenue in Los Angeles.

At this time we plan to return to Long Beach for one day and then return back to Los Angeles. Recognize that this is our plan at this time with possible changes based on circumstances. We are not certain which day we will be in New York. Our intention is to spare anyone thinking of paying a personal shivah visit in Los Angeles the burden and expense. Instead we ask that you use the spared energy and monies to give tzedakah or do a chessed as a zechus for our beloved Avigail a”h.

At this time we cry and mourn not for Avigai, because we truly believe in our hearts that she is in a better place al kanfei haShechinah, which  she so obviously deserves. Rather, we cry for ourselves that we no longer have the zechus to have such a wonderful and precious jewel in our midst.

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  1. Amazing chizuk in Emunah! I think the Kehila should spare the Rav and Rebbetzin a RT LA-NY trip and set up a skype system to be menachem avel and use the saved $$$$ as the Rav directed.

  2. Dear Rabbi Wakslak

    I had the opportunity to meet you one time in Lakewood at an event for our sons school and i believe one of your grandsons. it was a zechus for me to have the opportunity to meet you..

    I happen to have been in yeshiva with Yisroel Zev over 25 years ago. What a special person. Always bsimhca. We read how special your daughter was, spearheading the bikur cholim in LA and her ways of nurturing her dear children.

    Although its many years that i have spoken with Yisroel Zev, i was heart broken to hear a few weeks ago that his dear wife was r”l sick and the untimely news the other day of her petria.

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem BsochSharei Aveli Tzion v yerushalayim. May she be a source of nechama for you, your family, her husband and he dear children.


  3. Frum guy: it’s Rabbi Wakslaks daughter.

    The levaya in LA was attended by a few thousand people and the speakers were her father Rabbi Wakslak, Rabbi Levine (telshe Chicago), Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz (brother in law), Rabbi Langer (rov of Sharei Torah where the nifteres davened and founded), her 2 brothers, and lastly her beloved husband Reb Yisroel Zev. The Kel Mulay was said by Reb Duvy Blonder.

    After nearly 2 and a half hours of hespedim the crowd was melaveh the Aron on a very emotional walk. The Aron was then flown the next morning for Kevurah in EY.

    Umacha Hashem dimah mayal kol panim vnomer umayn

  4. To the Rav and to Rivka-
    I did not have the honor of knowing your sweet daughter. Her youth and the description of her wonderful ways make me feel sad for her husband and children as well as Klal Yisroel for our loss of a shining star.
    My deepest grief is for you, whom I have known for decades; Rivka as a fellow talmidah at TAG and the Rabbi as both our Long Beach community leader and good friend to my father, a”h. I mourn your loss and the preceding period of sadness during Avigail’s illness.
    I will see you when shiva has passed and loneliness grows for the niftar. Hamakom yenachem eschem b’soch she’ar aveilay Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

  5. Shivah will be observed as follows: Mr. Yisroel Zev Rechnitz and his children as well as Dr. Menachem Wakslak will be sitting at 143 N Formosa Los Angeles CA getting up Wed morning. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wakslak will be sitting in LA through Sunday night and will be sitting at 15 W Beech St Long Beach NY on Monday. They will return to LA to sit for Tues and get up in LA Wed morning. Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Wakslak will be sitting in LA Sunday in Long Beach Monday and at his home in Lakewood Tues getting up Wed morning. Mrs. Yael Rosenberg will be sitting in LA through Sunday in Long Beach Monday and at her home in Queens Tues getting up Wed morning.


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