Reopening Of NJ Indoor Dining Is Postponed Indefinitely


Indoor dining in New Jersey will not come back Thursday after all, a major blow to an industry that has struggled to survive since the coronavirus outbreak began in March, the Daily Record reports.

Gov. Phil Murphy said this afternoon that after seeing a spike in coronavirus cases in states that have reopened indoor dining, he is postponing the return of indoor dining indefinitely. “It brings me no joy to do this but we have no choice,” Murphy said.

Murphy also noted that at some New Jersey restaurants, which were allowed to serve meals outdoors starting on June 16, he has seen reports of overcrowding and patrons not using face coverings. “The carelessness of one establishment can completely undo the good work of many others,” he said.



  1. Well duh. We all knew this was one big ruse by the Murphy. He never had any intention of opening indoor venues. His plan is to keep schools closed indefinitely. He will not allow schools to open this September.

  2. I feel horrible for all those places that spent so much money trying to be able to reopen. This governor as well as the governor next door in New New York are both רשעים גמורים עד מאוד!

  3. NY state had 5 covid deaths yesterday. 5 people died from covid but they still have you believing its all going to come back. Thousands protest together no covid comeback. BLM all over, no covid comeback. Its simply amazing to see how people are still so worried about this. At this point what exactly are we in NY and NJ waiting for to be corona free and return to normal life?
    More then 5 died from the flu yesterday
    More then 5 died from accidents yesterday
    More then 5 died from diabetes yesterday
    More then 5 died from cancer yesterday
    More then 5 died from homicides yesterday
    More then 5 died from suicide yesterday
    More then 5 died from every category of death related reasons yesterday but hey, as long as u wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from people thats where we draw the line.


  4. This has nothing to do with safety, as the daily new fatalities were 17 yesterday. Contrary to Murphy’s best efforts, a herd immunity has been reached in most parts of the state. There’s no more an epidemic; local outbreaks are obviously possible, but imprisoning an entire state is not just unnecessary, but actually counterproductive and harmful to public health.

  5. “…he has seen reports of overcrowding and patrons not using face coverings” – Did anyone explain to the governor that it’s impossible to eat with a mask on?


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