Rep. Carter: Pelosi Weaponizing Jan. 6 Against Conservatives

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “doing nothing more than weaponizing the events of Jan. 6 against conservatives” when there are plenty of other things that a special committee could be investigating, Rep. Buddy Carter told Newsmax Tuesday.

“This is a partisan procedure,” the Georgia Republican said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.” “She’s trying to keep this alive. If they really want to investigate something, why don’t they investigate in a bipartisan fashion the origins of COVID-19? Why don’t they investigate what happened last summer with Black Lives Matter?”

Jan. 6 was a bad day, said Carter, but “violence is never the answer. However, let’s face it. What this commission is, is nothing more than a weapon that Nancy Pelosi city is trying to use against conservatives.”

Pelosi, he added, has not “accepted any responsibility” for the events of Jan. 6, and nobody has tried to place any responsibility on her.

“The problem on Jan. 6 was that the Capitol police were not prepared, and we didn’t have enough help, but we didn’t have enough protection,” said Carter. “What role did Nancy Pelosi have in playing that? That’s another thing we need to be looking at.”

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  1. No. Incorrect. Mrs. Pelosi doesn’t have to answer to anyone. She is above the law. Any mistake she makes, she just simply has to blame the Republicans and Donald Trump and she’s free to go.

  2. How does she continue to manage to do this to the American people unscathed? She’s a buffoon looks like one too. She has dodged the bullets time and again and continues to reign over us like Castro, Erdogan and Chavez – likely her mentors.


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