Rep. Casten: There Is A Huge Problem In This Country With Consumer Debt


Illinois Democrat Rep. Sean Casten weighs in on Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed plan to cap credit card interest rates.



  1. The tv host was very annoying and impolite. He kept interrupting Congressman Casten. I wanted to hear what Mr. Casten had to say but he was constantly being interrupted. I have, unfortunately, a lot of credit card debt and am paying the minimum every month. I’m basically paying interest on interest with no hope in sight. I want to know if my government can help me. What’s wrong with that?

    • So you want a hand out from me the taxpayer, basically. How about I spend more than I can afford and then come to YOU and ask you to pay what I owe.

      • All my debt was accrued from Yeshiva tuitions for 6 children. They made me give them my credit cards. I work full time and still can’t afford the tuition. So what should I do? Take them out of Yeshiva and put them in public school?

        • I honestly respect you for paying full tuition based on your financial circumstances. That being said, you did not address my point. you borrowed money knowing full well your responsibilities. why should the goverment (ie: me the taxpayer) have to pay for it. How about I dont pay my cc bill and make you pay for it? no different that this ridiculous liberal idea of forgiving student debt. Wouldnt it be wonderful if nobody had to pay for the things they wanted or needed? but thats not the real world.

          • But yet you didn’t care when YOUR tax dollar’s bailed out the greedy airlines? You didn’t care when YOUR tax dollars bailed out the greedy banks? You don’t care that your hard-earned money goes to pay for any woman who wants to murder her baby? The list goes on and on.

  2. @mordechai
    chill out dude!!!
    its not so simple.i thank god crawled out of tunz of debt. the issue is not the debt the issue is the interest fees are so high that most people find it super hard to climb out.
    that’s the whole real estate bubble issue.
    for most part the banks are as much as fault as the borrower.
    i climbed out of debt jot even 6 months ago and now i have 1.3 avail in total credit card avail and that’s not even the highest out there .they try to entice you like a bunch of scumbag leeches because they make a killing on the interest fees.


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