Rep. George Miller: Republicans Shut Down Government Over ‘Jihad’ Against Obamacare

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rep-george-millerHouse Republicans were too busy “on a jihad” against Obamacare to care about keeping the government open, one House Democrat charged on Wednesday.

Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) took to the floor as the House voted on a series of bills that would reopen select parts of the government — the GOP’s latest bid to mitigate blame for the current shutdown.

“The chairman of the committee says … that we should think of the impact on the parks before we vote against this bill,” Miller said. “Did you think about these parks when you voted to shut down the government?”

The visibly frustrated congressman then began to shout at his Republican colleagues, who had taken to the floor earlier to lament the closure of parks, museums and cancer trials.

“He was prepared to sacrifice the local economy. He was prepared to sacrifice the towns around Yosemite when he was on a jihad against American citizens getting access to health care,” Miller said.

He added that Republicans were willing to shut down the government over Obamacare, only to find out that “millions of Americans” tried to sign up for it when enrollment for the law’s health care exchanges formally opened on Tuesday.

“So when you were on the jihad against Americans’ access to health care, shutting down the parks wasn’t a problem,” Miller said. “Shutting down NIH wasn’t a problem.”


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  1. What do you expect a democrat from California to say??? He is nothing but an Obama “Yes Man”.
    A real Brownose. Just looking to hang on to his job.

  2. The Democrats are on a political “jihad” to consolidate their power in Washington. They do not care how many people are adversely affected. Just as long as they get what they want. Obama looks to talk to Reshaim from Iran, Syria, and Russia’s Putin — but he will not talk to Congressional Republicans. He’d probably talk with North Korea before he will negotiate with Republicans.

  3. The Democrats look the other way as Muslims foment a real jihad against civilized nations around the globe. Then they have the gall to accuse the too-civilized (bordering on namby pamby) Republicans in Congress of mounting a jihad. A real joke.


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