Rep. Jim Jordan: Staffer Received 5 Absentee Ballots

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Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that one of his staffers received her absentee ballot in the mail and those of four others, evidence that he said indicates that the likelihood of election fraud is undeniable.

”We have a young lady who works for us, works for our personal office (and) also works for the committee, and she got her ballot mailed to her and four other ballots arrived at the apartment of people who no longer lived, or maybe never lived there. We don’t know,” the 56-year-old Jordan said on ”Greg Kelly Reports.” ”So, that is the danger when you just blanket out live ballots. You just throw them out there. That is the recipe for mischief. A recipe for problems.”

Jordan said Republicans on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, of which he is the ranking member, issued a report in September predicting that widespread absentee voting, including nine states where officials instituted universal absentee voting —meaning every voter received a ballot in the mail whether or not it was requested — would cause chaos.

Read more at NEWSMAX.



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