Rep. McCarthy: Trump’s Dismissal of Mail-In Voting Could Lead to Election Loss


President Donald Trump’s preoccupation with deterring mail-in voting could harm his own re-election chances, as well as those of Republicans running for Congress, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Axios on Sunday.

“We could lose based on that,” the California Republican said, adding that it would be detrimental for the GOP to have its backers sit home, afraid of contracting the coronavirus, while Democrats vote en masse by mail-in ballots.

McCarthy was particularly concerned about deterring senior citizens from voting by mail, telling Axios that he said to Trump, “you know who is most afraid of COVID? Seniors. And if they’re not going to go vote, period, we’re screwed.”

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  1. Much as I am a Trump 2020 advocate, I am uncomfortable about his position on mail-in voting. He should be neither advocating for it or against it. There are multiple reports of chaos involved in primary voting by mail. The Dems deny this, and are characteristic liars. On the other hand, not allowing it is equally silly. The point the President needs to make is that there are flaws in the systems that are potentially great, and that these need to be plugged in time. Even the USPS knows this. It should not be a political hot potato.

  2. McCarthy is correct. Older folk are the ones who still remember when party membership was an expression of opinion.
    People with differing opinions could discuss issues in a civil fashion. For us, it’s not about the personalities or the incessant name calling in the news. It’s about each party’s platform. I’m voting Republican because that platform is closest to my own beliefs, not because of the latest gossip about Donald and Joe and Mike and Kamala. And my entire household is voting by mail.

  3. If anything, this election via blockchain voting, without mail-in voting and rigged machines, will be’ez”H be the most secure and genuine in history. The best part of this new voting system is that since one will have to provide identification, no Deep State member or other criminals will want to vote, no duplicate or triplicate votes, no standing in line for hours to vote, no CIA’s altering results as they’ve been doing for about 80 years.

    As Joseph Stalin said: It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

    • You will be voting ONLY from your mobile phone or computer. Fake News Media is still blocking the news about blockchain voting for the upcoming election.

      • Please elucidate us how will the one-time pads be issued, and the whole thing completed within a couple of months. Or do you mean only a few among the close associates of President Trump will be graciously allowed to vote?


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