Rep. Nadler Calls Riots In Portlans A ‘Myth’

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New York Rep. Jerry Nadler is shown in a new online clip calling violence in Portland by Antifa a “myth,” after protests were declared a riot on Sunday morning.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman was approached by writer-producer Austen Fletcher, who said he asked the Democrat to disavow the rioting in the Oregon city.

“I ran into Jerry Nadler in DC and asked him to disavow the Antifa violence/rioting in Portland. His response? ‘THAT’S A MYTH,’” Fletcher said in a tweet along with the short video.

Before getting into his car, Nadler tells Fletcher that it’s a “myth that’s being spread only in Washington DC.”

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  1. This impeachment hoaxer filthy bum should be arrested for incitement and sent packing to Teheran on Obama money pallets.

  2. Democrats suffer from a terrible symptom which the mental health field calls delusions. Those things one wishes were true suddenly are seen as reality. If Nadler could get into law school and graduate, he’s gotta have enough intellect to see the truth. I guess he is simply like the rest of the Dems, a pathological liar who places politics before honesty, before fact, before morality. He doesn’t belong in public office. I commit to lending assistance, for whatever it is worth, to any candidate that possesses normal moral values who will challenge his elected position.

  3. Between cold eyes of war. This man is sure to be his dining greatness.

    Pass the worst? I guess he does. Dinner plate and soup.



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