Report: 3 NBA Teams Won’t Stay at Trump Hotels

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At least three NBA teams will not be staying at hotels bearing President-elect Donald Trump’s name in New York and Chicago, according to an ESPN report.

The Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Dallas Mavericks are reportedly worried about the Trump association in particular. Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban was a prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, as was Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry. Read more at ESPN.



  1. Well, perhaps the teams’ fans should stop bying game tickets, stop purchasing the team’s merchandise, stop watching the games on TV, stop watching at game advertisements, not purchase the advertised products. Even if 10% of fans wil do that, the impact will be enormous, the crony capitalists will stop ramming the socialist-fascist agenda down our throats.

  2. I always knew that the NBA players were dumb, but now I see the owners are also just as dumb.
    Cuban is cutting his nose to spite his face.
    Liberalism doesn’t work in the real world of Commerce.

  3. President-elect Trump is privately saying “Baruch HaShem” to this good news.

    Who wants a bunch of vilde chayas running around a hotel.

    • How many members of each NBA team can actually read and understand English?

      How many members of each NBA team have a reading level higher than the 4th. grade?

  4. First of all I am happy they can afford the price of rooms in these buildings. Most people find cheaper places to stay, and many go to motels, etc. which are more reasonable. But I am sure there are maybe places like the YMCA they can stayed at and other clubs, but I doubt it, they are too spoiled now that they get fantastic salaries and they will find another very expensive hotel to reside in. Nebachs

  5. From the reports I’ve read, this year’s NFL ratings are significantly lower than previous years. Some are attributing it to these stupid protesters of the national anthem. Real Americans are interested in real Americans. These owners are just causing more negative publicity to their teams.

  6. Go Bucks, Grizzlies and Mavericks!

    You are special to any person who knows that liberty is not a careful hate of G-d to make the gold of the pessimist warmer by the anger of a hated word.

    Everything Trump did to get elected was terror, anger and dishonest hate.

    Could not the jews see how horrible this man was? It was just too bad that a human being who is a woman was not elected. It would have been indeed constitutional. Now we may not have the future strong for any of our ladies in America. This is a horrendous war that the enemy is fighting.

    Israel is hopefully safe but not safer. We can be scared as jews and hope that the good leaders are still counted in America.

    Go Teams of Humane Hope!


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