Report: Acting AG Whitaker Won’t Testify Unless Democrats Drop Subpoena Threat

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The Justice Department said in a letter Thursday that acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker will not testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday unless he receives assurances that he will not be served with a subpoena for invoking executive privilege.

“It is clear that your proposed questions seek the kind of information that the Executive Branch has, during Administrations of both parties, historically declined to provide to the Congress,” the letter said.

The committee voted along party lines Thursday to preemptively subpoena Whitaker if he refuses to answer questions. The Justice Department’s head of legislative affairs Stephen Boyd said that unless the committee promises by 6 p.m. on Thursday not to subpoena Whitaker, he will not attend the hearing.

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  1. (Gateway Pundit) – According to a new bombshell report released by award winning investigative journalist John Solomon, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was hauled before the FISA court to address an enormous number instances the FBI cheated on FISA warrants.
    Mueller has been able to escape public scrutiny for the last 16 years due to the secret nature of the FISA court, but thanks to a testimony from a former FBI lawyer, we now have a peek into documented FISA abuses under then-FBI Director Robert Mueller.
    Interestingly, nearly two decades after the FBI was embroiled in a FISA abuse scandal, Robert Mueller is appointed as special counsel after a phony dossier was used to spy on Trump’s campaign.

  2. Whitaker should stand strong and not budge an inch for the bias democrats. Eric Holder taught us that you defend your positions and the President, and when the opposition complains, give them the finger.


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