Report: Authorities Prepping For Possible Trump Indictment Next Week

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Law enforcement agencies are strategizing on how to secure Manhattan Criminal Court should former President Donald Trump be indicted next week, NBC News reported. Local, state and federal authorities told the network that cops and security agencies are actively planning for his possible indictment — and the reaction to it.

Three sources told The NY Post that if an indictment is sought for the hush money allegedly paid by Trump, it could come down as soon as next week.

The possible counts out of Manhattan Criminal Court would make Trump the first current or former president in US history to face criminal charges.


  1. So they finally find a reason for what to indict Trump, phew. Was worried they wouldn’t come up with anything. The same day they found a reason to arrest Putin.

    They probably need to get them out of the way while something will occur.

  2. Alvin Bragg is keeping New Yorkers safe….by arresting a former President over hush money. If you’re a homeless bum who throws a black to their death in front of a moving subway train, you’re free to go. Everything opposites.


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