Report: Bad Intel From Russia Influenced Comey’s Clinton Announcement


Former FBI Director James Comey’s controversial decision to detail the FBI’s findings in the Hillary Clinton email case without Justice Department input was influenced by a dubious Russian document that the FBI now considers to be bad intelligence, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The secret document, which purported to be a piece of Russian intelligence, claimed that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had privately assured someone in the Clinton campaign that the investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information would go nowhere.

Supporters of Comey claim that the document gave him good reason to take the microphone in July, without consulting with Lynch, to announce the close of the Clinton probe — in great detail. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Oh please. What a spin by the leftist media. Lynch and Comey both had to answer to their boss, Barack Obama. They were in collusion with the Democratic machine.


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