Report: Bloomberg Allegedly Nixed Negative Trump Columns

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According to a new report from New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, billionaire media executive Michael Bloomberg squashed negative coverage of Donald Trump at his Bloomberg View outlet after the Republican frontrunner handwrote a note complaining.

The real-estate mogul’s grievances reportedly came last spring, and from then on out, as Sherman claims, Bloomberg nixed the negativity, even allegedly cutting a reference to Trump as “P.T. Barnum” in one Bloomberg View opinion column.

“If you were putting Donald Trump in your piece, you would get special scrutiny,” a Bloomberg source told Sherman.

Bloomberg View’s editor, however, clapped back that Sherman’s story was a “fantasy”:

Sorry Gabe. I’m the editor of columnists at Bloomberg View. This is a total fantasy. 

Read more at the New York Magazine.



  1. Billionaire helping Billionaire.

    Watch Bloomberg run as a 3rd party candidate to guarantee Trump’s election.

  2. So what? Good for Bloomberg if he did that. There’s certainly more than enough negativity leveled at Trump at every other news outlet.


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