Report: Bloomberg ‘to Announce Presidential Run’

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Michael Bloomberg is planning a run for the U.S. presidency that would begin as early as next week, WORLD BULLETIN reports.

A source with knowledge of company affairs at Bloomberg L.P., told Anadolu Agency that senior officials at offices worldwide were clearing schedules for meetings to discuss a sudden change in the management structure at the company. The source, who spoke to AA on condition of anonymity, was not authorized to discuss company matters on the record.

WORLD BULLETIN states that the multibillionaire owner of Bloomberg L.P. is preparing to hand over his responsibilities at the financial data and media company ahead of an announcement after Super Tuesday.

Bloomberg was planning to make his announcement on or after Super Tuesday, the source said, according to WORLD BULLETIN.

Bloomberg, who distanced himself from his company in a similar fashion when he was elected mayor of New York City, has been rumored to be planning an independent presidential campaign for months.



  1. He’s doing this to spoil it for the GOP so he can get his Dem pal elected. Hilary will bend over backwards to help his company which Trump would never do.

  2. Just what we need another billionaire ego maniac in the campaign. Let him save him millions and give it to a worthy cause.

  3. Its way to late for him to enter. He wont get a single vote, west of NY. He is a has been. NOBODY cares about him or his policy’s.

  4. This guy will get Trump Elected. Can you say Factor-X for human freedom?

    Scary. Even Hillary was more prepared that this guy knows snowcones.

    Silly mind without even a plan.

    But in this age of poverty driven hate madness, he gets at least 8 % of the vote and skews it to big daddy Trump.

    Can you say Rose Garden Replaced with a Tulip farm? Trump will do it all.


  5. Under the Bloomberg administration, if an American citizen drinks an oversized Coke with his shawarma while in Israel, is he subject to prosecution once he’s back on U.S. soil? If it’s in a styrofoam cup, is that a second crime? If it’s at a bris mila, is he subject to the “three strikes” penalty?

  6. I met with this Tippish when he first ran for Mayor and many times since then. What I learned from my meetings with him is that you really don’t need to have saichel to become wealthy, Hashem decides who becomes wealthy and who doesn’t become wealthy.
    Bloomberg is not the brightest person.

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