Report Claims Kerry Offered to Arrange Release of Jonathan Pollard if Israel Frees Arab Convicts

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john-kerrySecretary of State John Kerry offered to arrange the release of jailed spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard if Israel frees Israeli Arab prisoners in the fourth and final phase of a series of prisoner releases, Israel’s Channel 10 News reported Friday night, citing unnamed Israeli sources.

The TV report added, however, that Kerry clarified in his contacts with Israel’s leaders on the issue that Pollard’s release had not been approved by President Barack Obama, and the report further said Israel doubted that Kerry could actually secure Obama’s approval. Read full story here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The Dolphins stunk today! They proved to their fans that they are not ready for prime time! My sons Mesivta class could have beaten the hapless Dolphins today!

  2. Take it. is it that simple? I don’t get it, but I’ll take it if that’s what’s offered. But Israel always freed prisoners before for nothing.

    nothing makes sense but I dream that Yonasan ben Malka will be free in the nearest future.

  3. So it would seem that O’Bama sees himself as President of the PLO and is negotiating the release of his terrorists. That would mean that the hidden role of the USA as the chief sponsor of the PLO has finally become public.

  4. If this is so he has to release Pollard first before the first terrorist is released, because Lobama and his crew are liars and frauds and Israel will release terrorist and they will now make another exception like split Jerusalem, or release other land, etc. etc. and Pollard will still not be released. Israel don’t be that stupid.

  5. I know it will be great to have Pollard freed, but is it halachically muttar to do these terrorist exchanges, especially if we are sure these terrorists will be back to work he day they are freed.
    (Please don’t say that I’m being cruel to Pollard)


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