Report: De Blasio Will No Longer Cooperate With State Ethics Investigation


nyc Mayor Bill de Blasio. The mayor apparently thinks Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of those standing in the way of progress. He had his lawyer, Laurence Laufer, send a scathing letter to the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics saying team de Blasio will no longer cooperate with its probe into the mayor’s non-profit and fundraising arm, the campaign for One New York.

“We will no longer cooperate with what has obviously become a blatantly political exercise by an agency whose very independence is deeply in question,” Laufer wrote, in a letter obtained by CBS2. Read more here.




  1. Well of course. He’s a DEMOCRAT so he’s above the law. It’s only those Evil white racist Republicans that have to answer to the Holy media.

  2. Typical Liberal, Left-Wing, Looney tripe.

    Throw this corrupt Socialist in prison and pull New York out of the deep trouble that it’s in with a new Mayor like Rudy Guiliani.


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