Report: De Blasio Will No Longer Cooperate With State Ethics Investigation

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nyc Mayor Bill de Blasio. The mayor apparently thinks Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of those standing in the way of progress. He had his lawyer, Laurence Laufer, send a scathing letter to the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics saying team de Blasio will no longer cooperate with its probe into the mayor’s non-profit and fundraising arm, the campaign for One New York.

“We will no longer cooperate with what has obviously become a blatantly political exercise by an agency whose very independence is deeply in question,” Laufer wrote, in a letter obtained by CBS2. Read more here.




  1. Well of course. He’s a DEMOCRAT so he’s above the law. It’s only those Evil white racist Republicans that have to answer to the Holy media.

  2. Typical Liberal, Left-Wing, Looney tripe.

    Throw this corrupt Socialist in prison and pull New York out of the deep trouble that it’s in with a new Mayor like Rudy Guiliani.


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