Report: ‘Ethiopian Protests’ Led By Far Left Activists

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A far-left organization funded by the New Israel Fund has been actively aiding the recent wave of protests – many of them violent – which erupted across the country following the shooting death of Solomon Tekah, an Ethiopian teenager, in Haifa.

The joint Arab-Jewish ‘Standing Together’ organization, which is funded by the NIF, has taken an active role in the protests, which began Monday, resumed Tuesday following Tekah’s funeral, and which are expected to continue Wednesday.

“When police officers shooting people, civilians, and kill them, we go out to the streets,” Standing Together said. “When officers with a trigger finger start shooting people – that is everyone’s problem, so we’re all going out to the streets: blacks and whites, Jews and Arabs. Let’s demand that the police protect civilians, or at least to begin with, that they stop killing them.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Surprise surprise. The Shin Daled are pushing these left wing provocateur’s to agitate and inflame the situation on the ground. I am shocked.

  2. or maybe the far right are heping the far left …….
    or maybe ben shapiro…. or maybe the asserres hashvatim …..
    or the maybe its peleg, wants themseves to look good…..


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