Report: Faroe Islands Set to Recognize Yerusalayim as Israel’s Capital, Open Diplomatic Mission There


The Faroe Islands is planning to establish an official diplomatic mission in Yerusalayim and recognize the long-contested city as Israel’s capital, the Danish newspaper Politiken reported on Friday.

The foreign minister of the self-governing archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean – which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark — was quoted as saying the goal was to open the Yerusalayim office in September or October 2020.

In the nearly two years since US President Donald Trump recognized Yerusalayim as Israel’s capital and subsequently moved the American embassy to there from Tel Aviv, several countries have made noises about following suit, but none — except for Guatemala — have turned word into deed.

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  1. Who cares?! We should care enough to know who our friends and who our enemies are. H will grant victory to our nation eventualy, and we need to have a long memory in order to provide appropriate treatment to different peoples.

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