Report: Hamas Calls for Palestinian Uprising

Hamas reportedly urged Palestinians to take part in a new uprising against Israel over President Trump’s stunning announcement that he will recognize Jerusalem as its capital. “We should call for and we should work on launching an intifada [Palestinian uprising] in the face of the Zionist enemy,” said Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, in a speech in Gaza.


The majority of the reported protests by Thursday afternoon had been nonviolent. In response, the Israeli military announced it was reinforcing its troops in the occupied West Bank. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said today that other countries have expressed interested in moving their embassies to the city in the wake of Trump’s announcement. Read more.



  1. Now this is news I thought they were just about ready to make peace until Trump did this I think they shud level the place and turn it into farmland

  2. Fake news. Hamas is just trying to cement their authority in the Gaza strip. They will do nothing. They have zero military power. Egypt has cut off their arms supplies.


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