Report: Hillary Raised $400K at Lichtenstein Fundraiser

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton raised some $400,000 during a recent fundraiser hosted by David Lichtenstein and co-hosted by NORPAC, a New Jersey-based pro-Israel political action committee.

According to the report by NJ Jewish News, contributions for Hillary topped the $150K and the $100K raised in recent NORPAC-sponsored events for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio respectfully.

NORPAC president Ben Chouake told the NJ publication “it was a lot more liberal crowd.” Another source told Jewish Insider that Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jewish attendees were split 50-50.

The host, David Lichtenstein, gave an inside look at the event, as previously reported by Jewish Insider. “I can tell you that it was sold out and that it was jam-packed. We were turning people away… I think many people told me it was a ‘Kiddush Hashem’ (sanctification of G-d’s name).” His introduction of Hillary reflected on the weekly Torah portion. In his remarks, Lichtenstein drew a parallel between the acts of Moses and Batya, the daughter of Pharaoh, to the values the Democratic presidential hopeful embodies. For Moses, he said, it was “standing up for the disadvantaged, the outcast, the deprived, the weak, putting his life at risk,” as he experiences two incidents of Jews being beaten up. In the case of Batya, it was the courage and the compassion she demonstrated when she saved Moses as a baby floating in a little casket on the Nile river. “What do we know about the leader? A leader of the world has compassion, empathy, a sense of right, a sense of fearness.”


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  1. This dummy is comparing the Tzidkus of Basya to the machsheifa muschcheses, Hillary??? Hillary has the same Nosein Be’ol im chavero like Moshe Rabbeinu??? This is %100 percent KIFIRA!!! Is this what askanus has fallen to??? What a terrible Chillul Hashem!!!

  2. It very well might be that those supporting Hillary have no cheilek leolam habo: the Hillary supporters separate themselves from the rest of the Jewish people, who will be in mortal danger if Hillary’s policies come to fruition; all while the supporters hope to enjoy an easy life, by graces of the powerful Hillary, not encumbered by the suffering their benefactor would like to cause to the rest of our people.

  3. its good to have fundraisers on both sides of the aisle in case the liberal nut wins, and we will have to work with her…

  4. Awful! To have used p’sukim from the Torah to compare her to good??? Shameful!
    $400,000 of Yidisher gelt that could have been used for Tzedoka wasted on this frien of Suha Arafat! What a shame!

  5. This is the same Hilary who hugged Fatima Arafat- yassir Arafat’s wife- who will give it nothing to throw Jews and Israel under the bus- this is the same Hilary who is pro- abortion, same-gendet marrige!


    All fellow Yidden out there please do not vote for this antisemetic, anti-Torah values, lying person named Hilary Clinton!

  6. Hillary will be pro-Israel? Who are you kidding? Obviously you haven’t been following the news of her emails which shamefully prove beyond any reasonable doubt that she is a rabid anti-Semite.
    For shame.


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