Report: Indirect Cairo Talks To Resume This Week

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hamas-leader-khaled-mashaal-l-and-pa-president-mahmoud-abbasIndirect negotiations between Israel, Hamas and other Palestinian organizations were set to resume in Cairo this week, the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

Hamas and Palestinian factions are seeking a deep-water port and an international airport in Gaza. Additionally, the groups want Israel to disclose the identities of prisoners it is prepared to release in exchange for Israeli soldiers’ remains. Talks are scheduled to continue for about a month.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, hoped to use the talks in Cairo to make headway in plans for Palestinian statehood, according to the report.

An Abbas associate told the newspaper, “The plan is being formulated with the head of Hamas’ political office, Khaled Mashaal.” It will include the Palestinians’ first appeal to the U.S. asking Washington to demarcate the future borders of the Palestinian state. Additionally, the PA will ask Israel to draw a map of its own borders.


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  1. Our borders are as set forth in the Torah. There is no sense in talking about anything else because Moslems are always lying, even to their own people. The Israeli government has no basis for talking to these liars.
    I repeat my plan, as I wrote to the PM: give the trespassers in ‘Aza six hours’ notice to vacate to some Moslem country, then carpet-bomb ‘Aza completely; after that, flood the entire “Gaza Strip”, which will solve the tunnel problem without losing IDF soldiers. After that, drain ‘Aza and when it is dry, restore it to the Jews whom Ariel Sharon evicted.
    AND, don’t expect any honest help from BHO and his crew.


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