Report: Israel Has Highest Birthrate in Western World


Israel has the highest birthrate in the Western world, with an average of 3.11 children per family, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Tuesday.

According to the Hebrew news site Ynet, this birthrate is substantially higher than the OECD average, which stands at 2.1 children per family. This is below replacement rate.

Israel’s birthrate is substantially above the closest runners-up, Turkey and Mexico, which average slightly over two children per family.

The towns with the highest birthrates included Modi’in Ilit (7.59), Beitar Ilit (7.20), and B’nei Brak (5.79).

The study also noted that the Jewish birthrate has been consistently rising since 2006, while it has been dropping among Muslims, Christians, and other religious groups.

Broken down by religion, the study showed 73.9% of children were born to Jewish women, 20.7% to Muslims, 1.4% to Christians, 1.3% to Druze, and 2.6% to other religions.

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