Report: Israeli Diplomats Worldwide Cut Off Contacts With Mossad

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mossadIANS reports: The Israeli embassy in Athens had said it would not cooperate in preparing Netanyahu’s visit to Greece, scheduled to start Monday. Foreign Ministry employees are on strike because they want better wages and benefits that would compare to those of Mossad workers.Hanan Goder, who heads the union representing Foreign Ministry employees, said the strike was legal and that it was “inconceivable” that the premier would use Mossad, a body that is supposed to deal with security and directly answers to him, to break the protest.

As a result, Foreign Ministry officials at some 100 facilities abroad will not give assistance and not cooperate with Mossad agents, he told Israel Radio.

He said exceptions would only be made in cases of life and death.



  1. Sad state of affairs for the state. There’s no more nationalistic feelings anymore. Everyone wants $. The ideology is gone.


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