Report: Joe Biden Convinced Ukraine to Vote for Anti-Israel UN Resolution

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Ynetnews reports: Ukraine’s decision to vote in favor of the resolution appears to demonstrate the extent to which US President Barack Obama was behind the decision. According to officials in Israel, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, a Jew who is thought of as one of Israel’s main supporters, wanted that his country not be involved in the consultations held on the resolution.

However, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko decided to vote in favor of its passage following a telephone conversation with US Vice President Joe Biden.

“The text of the resolution is balanced,” Kiev asserted. “It calls for taking measures necessary for peaceful solution from both Israeli and Palestinian sides: Israel should stop its settlement activities while Palestinian authorities – to take effective measures toward fighting against terrorism.”

Read the full article here.


  1. We must not forget this avla when josif bidim runs for the presidential office. The ukraniums might be are best friend if the USA allowes them so be.

  2. First the Ukrainians defaced the Tzion of Rav Nachman, now they vote to throw Israel under the bus?!
    Why blame it on the senile old bag, Joe racetrack Biden? The Ukrainians have a hatred for the Yiddisheh folk going back millennia. It’s too bad Russia didn’t take it over when they had a chance.

  3. Keep voting for DemocRATS and this is what you will get, stabbed in the back.

    DemocRATS cannot be trusted. They are [almost] all sonay Yisroel.

    I call on Congressmen Eliott Engel, Brad Sherman and other level headed DemocRAT Members of the House and Senate to switch their party affiliation to Republican because there is no future for real Jews in the DemocRAT Party.


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