Report: Kelly Losing Favor Of White House Staff


Chief of staff John Kelly has lost his “credibility and influence” within the White House, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Kelly was not fully consulted on recent key personnel decisions and has lost the support of some of the staff while angering First Lady Melania Trump by dismissing the president’s aide, Johnny McEntee, White House sources told the Post.

“When you lose that power,” Bill Clinton’s chief of staff Leon Panetta told the Post “you become a virtual White House intern, being told where to go and what to do.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Pretty simple cabinet. Shave the face. Work the race. Wisely make the ham simple except (lets hope) do not share with Jared or Mnukin.

    In all thought and sense. Mr. Trump has yet to impress me that America is back to its Great self. Still, I have hope. I sent him a letter and detailed why the 1880s were pretty great. We look much different.

    Might be the barber or the lazy. Its war.

  2. Except that the President just tweeted, “Story on John Kelly isn’t true, just another hit job!”

    Another fake news article from WaPo.

  3. Total fake news. Yeh, I like the way they go to Leon Panetta, Republican enemy #1, for a comment. Great honest reporting. Way to go Compost!


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