Report: Kerry Proposes Return of 80,000 Palestinian Refugees to Israel

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secretary-of-state-john-kerrySecretary of State John Kerry proposed to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas the return of 80,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel, a senior official of the Palestinian government told Xinhua. Kerry’s proposal was part of his ideas presented to the Palestinian side to reach a framework peace agreement.

“Kerry’s proposal on the return of refugees is the same proposal offered by former President Bill Clinton during Camp David peace talks held in the United States in 2000,” said the official. During their meetings, Abbas wanted to increase the number of Palestinian refugees returning to Israel to 200,000, and the demand is still under discussion with Kerry.

As for the issue of Yerushalayim, the official said, “Kerry’s recent ideas focus on handing over parts of Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority and that Jordan will have the jurisdiction on holy sites and places in the city.” However, Israel still refuses to recognize east Yerushalayim as the capital of the future Palestinian state, and insists that Yerushalayim is the eternal capital of the State of Israel, according to the source.

He added that “gaps are still wide concerning the permanent status issues of the refugees, Jerusalem, borders, settlements and the Jewish state.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



    Kerry wants to allow scores of Arabs into Israel but Jews living in settlements are “illegitimate” and “illegal”. What the US is designing is nothing less than a TRUE apartheid state, “Palestine”.

  2. teresa hines, his wife, donated during his presidential candidacy , 5 million $USD to the muslim brother hood. Now her donations are ”washed ‘ through the ”tides foundation’ a radicle fund raising organization.

  3. Who is considered a Palestinian? Who is considered a Palestinian refugee? How did they become refugees? Why are they still refugees?

  4. Mr. Kerry is looking for a windfall in his own black carrot of hope. His reality is not to hope for a better end to the Israeli-palestinian crisis but to appease the foreigner and claim he had a big role in the Tax Structure of life. Let Kerry go soon Future!

  5. my rav wife was born a jew in palestine (I guess that was in the 1930’s) does this mwan she’s a palestinian resident???

  6. There are no Palestinians, much less Palestinian refugees. The squatters, trespassers and carpet baggers ran out of Eretz Israel because their Arab Moslem buddies promised them a chance to “return” after the wars following the UN vote, that the Arabs “promised” they would win and drive out the Jews.

  7. This phrase is NUTS:

    the return of 80,000 Palestinian refugees to Israel,

    80,000? refugees? The people who fled on orders of their leaders were told they were coming back in 2 hours. No Arab country took them in. Israel does not have to take them in, and they — by the way — do not want to live in a so-called “Palestinian state.” Hog-Wash!


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