Report: Knesset Speaker Failed To Form Unity Government Under His Leadership


Knesset Speaker and Likud member Yuli Edelstein made attempts to form a unity government under his leadership, in a contentious internal Likud move to end Israel’s year-long ongoing political stalemate, Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Aharonoth reported Friday.

According to the report, Edelstein planned to announce an agreed deal in a press conference on Wednesday, after receiving signatures supporting the move from Blue & White’s Benny Gantz, Yisrael Beiteinu’s Avigdor Liberman, and two-thirds of the Likud faction.

However, at the end of a five-day political maneuver, the Likud’s second on the Knesset list — preceded only by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — realized he does not have enough votes to push forth the idea, thus reverted to a familiar statement, urging parliament to find a way toward a unity government.

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