Report: Kushner Requests More Intel Than Other White House Staff


White House senior adviser Jared Kushner has made more requests for classified intelligence information than almost any other member of White House staff, despite not having a final security clearance, the left-leaning Washington Post reports. Kushner’s requests for information are surpassed only by staffers on the National Security Council, a source familiar with the matter was quoted as saying.

Kushner is one of dozens of staffers operating with an interim security clearance. He is allowed access to the president’s daily briefings along with a slew of other top-secret documents.

White House officials have reportedly expressed concerns about Kushner’s security clearance in private, including Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who on Friday announced major changes to the clearance process. Starting next week, new interim clearances will be limited to 270 days, and some staffers whose clearances have been pending since before last June will be cut off. Kelly has reportedly said he is aware these changes may affect Kushner, who one official described as having a “bull’s eye” on him under the new policies. Read more at the WASHINGTON POST.


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