Report: Lazer Scheiner To Hold Fundraiser For President Trump

Lazer “Louis” Scheiner from Monsey New York, will be holding a fundraiser for President Trump in September, Belaaz News reports.
Scheiner will be joined by other American Jewish philanthropists whose purpose are to strengthen the connection between the President and the frum community in the United States.

Though the exact time and place have not yet been set the cost to take part in the event will be is expected to be $25,000.


  1. there are many things one can do in honor of president Trump, but a fundraiser seems to me, how should I state it? unnecessary.

  2. How about a fundraiser for BMG or some other tzedaka in honor of the prez! I wish to include the VeeP whose personal moral values are strong and most aligned with our values. If we honored him, it would be a major statement too! No?

  3. Howie Friedman did so for Obsma ending close to start of Shabbos. Wonder if he”ll be there as he advocates for the klal as his first priority making him a good bipartisan example.

  4. He gives more money than anyone posting to Yeshivos. You don’t know all the amazing charity he does. It’s easy to criticize. The weakest people do it, so it must be easy. Hopefully one day, the people bashing him will do 1% of what he does to help others.


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