Report: Likud and United Torah Judaism Deal On the Rocks


moshe-gafniReports last night indicate that negotiations talks between United Torah Judaism (UTJ) and Likud, previously said to be in their final stages, have hit a wall, Arutz Sheva reports.

Likud, apparently, has backtracked on complying with all of UTJ’s requirements in regard to the Enlistment Law, thereby creating tension between the ruling party and represenatatives of the party.

According to earlier reports, a final agreement between Likud and UTJ was to include a clause guaranteeing the cancellation of the criminal sanctions in the Enlistment Law, which sought to force charedim to enlist in the IDF. But, a UTJ source told Arutz Sheva, Likud has retracted prior agreements. He did not go into details, but noted that the party hoped to bring major changes to the law led by Yesh Atid and Jewish Home in the last coalition.

According to the UTJ source, the party is willing to settle on a number of issues, but not on the Enlistment Law.

“Although United Torah Judaism compromised on a number of subjects, in regard to the Enlistment Law, the party demands sticking to the original agreement – and that does not appear to be happening now,” the source said. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. It is sad that even in Israel, where there should be solidarity for survival they throw that away for the self alone. If Israel does not form a solid government the world has won, and the buying and selling from the world to get their take of the government won. How can one person or group be that selfish, I want what I what or we go down together, the world has won again.

  2. The country Does want fundamental societal change

    1.They desire to resume and revive the warmth of the past that was rent asunder by continental european [imperial] secularism and labor/secular zionism

    2.There is an inner rootlessness among the younger generations

    3.They are tired and numb of political instability and fractitionness, that the System seems to engender.


    They were/are scared of fundamental societal changes that the left and ‘Secularist center’ were propagating and threatening to foist,and hope for a means to Constitutionally stop it .

    The country also wants something intangible that transcends borders , regions and subcontinents

    Otherwise ,the public will just shrug ,build resentment and start waiting towards next elections

    If the Governing Coalition also gives the Country goals and stability and a little glory

    people will ,all normal whining aside,be more than satisfied.

    They will still probably scream and protest as the processes of change will be underway,while in the long run(,and all the while internally,)they will be delighted


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