Report: Looking Toward Future Iranian Missile Threats, Israel Begins Planning New ‘Arrow 4’ Aerial Defense System


In anticipation of potential future Iranian missile threats, Israel has started preliminary planning for the development of a new aerial defense system that could be named the “Arrow 4,” Defense News reported.

Israel’s current multi-tiered missile-interception network includes the Patriot, Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow (of which the “Arrow 3” is the most advanced version) systems.

A decade from now, the Defense News report said, Israel might face the challenges of having to defend itself from “massive salvo strikes, sub-munition warheads and multiple reentry vehicles.”

In light of this, the Israeli Defense Ministry and arms industry are looking into “technologies needed to improve the ability to track, target and ultimately destroy such threats,” according to the report.

“We’re very happy that the missile defense architecture of Israel is working, but, as you know, we can’t stand in place,” Moshe Patel — the director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization — told Defense News. “We have to remain at least one step ahead of the threat.”

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