Report: Manhattan Bombing Suspects Could Have Used Construction Work To Hide From CCTV Cameras


The suspects who blew up a bomb and planted another device in New York could have used construction work to hide from CCTV cameras, The Daily Mail reports.

An analysis of the locations of both devices reveals that both were covered overhead by scaffolding and a temporary cover above the sidewalk. The cover would have made it extremely hard for a camera to see what is going on underneath, especially at night when incident took place.

The cover on West 23rd St, where the bomb went off, runs for much of the block. The cover on West 27th St, where the second device was found, runs for a shorter distance but still conceals the sidewalk where the device was left.

Avoiding being caught on CCTV could have been a deliberate tactic of the attackers. The Daily Mail




  1. NYPD used to monitor mosques under Bloomberg. Diblasio stopped that program out of political correctness concerns. Here we are a few years later – all clueless about any islamic terrorists.


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