REPORT: Midwood Brooklyn Stabbing Of Jewish Male

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At 8:45PM today a man soliciting residents claiming to be a worker from Con Edison was harassing residents, knocking on the doors of tenants of a frum 100 apartment building, belligerent and insistent that they open the door to accept his service.

Residents insisted he leave but he refused, insistent that they open their doors and sign up for his services.

When one resident began screaming at him to leave, the man turned violent, pulling out a knife and stabbing the Jewish resident in his rib cage while yelling that he should not be spoken to like that leaving.

The attacker got away, leaving his victim with a 5 inch stab wound. Police are still investigating.



  1. Any picture or diagram of the suspect? What section of Brooklyn did this take place? Any surveillance cameras?

  2. It took place in an apartment building between Avenues L & M on Ocean Pkwy in Flatbush.
    The guy was caught! Yes, there were surveillance cameras!

  3. Should have had a legal firearm, a baseball bat, a kitchen knife, a hammer ready by the door. When dealing with semi domesticated street people, don’t get into a verbal altercation unless you are prepared to defend yourself.

  4. Evidently this nut was harassing people. So the tenant opened the door and told him to leave. Unfortunately people ignore things like this. If there is a stranger in your building- call the police!!!

  5. Also make sure to notify management! If they don’t know they can’t provide security measures like cameras etc.


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