Report: Nearly Half Of Israeli Youth Fail To Enter Or Complete IDF Service


Nearly half of Israeli youths in 2019 failed to enter or complete their mandatory military service in the Israeli Defense Forces, Hebrew daily Yediot Aharonot reported on Sunday.

Citing newly published data collected by the IDF, the newspaper reported that 32.9% of men received military service exemptions due to mental health reasons, with another 15% dropping out from the army in line with historical averages.

Coupled together, nearly half of men (47.9%) failed to complete their military service, raising concerns among the institution’s top brass.

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  1. They wouldn’t mention that most of those who failed to enter are secular elite esp. from Tel Aviv and not chareidim but the govt wouldn’t force them to join.

  2. The government readily accepts the general populace’s petitions/applications for dichui and/or pitur from IDF service, because it creates openings allowing them to further push their agenda of forcefully conscripting Torah-Observant Yidden into the largest, organized assimilation machine known to man.

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