Report: Netanyahu Behind Obama Birth Rumors

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obama-netanyahuThe Israeli government has allegedly used its influence in American politics to strengthen the rumors about US President Barack Obama’s birthplace. On Monday, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s entrenched alliance with the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), various neoconservative groups and fundamentalist Christian organizations had made it “very easy for him to bring this whole canard back” about allegations that Obama has been born in Kenya rather than the United States.

“And it looks like he has done that as a way to put political pressure and try to tip Obama off his high favorability ratings at the present time,” he added.

The Constitution bars people born outside the US from running for president. Obama’s birthplace has been verified as Hawaii by the island state’s Health Department and the president has presented his birth certificate online.

The claimants to the contrary, called ‘birthers’, are lead by California attorney Orly Taitz who has filed in the federal court Kenyan papers, which certify that Obama is Kenyan-born.

The Washington-based journalist said that “just after this fake birth certificate came out, she [Taitz] pops up in Tel Aviv two days later.”

“She is originally from Moldova, very closely tied to Likud, Netanyahu and also Foreign Minister (Avigdor Lieberman) who is also a native of Moldova,” he told Russia Today.

Asked about the Israeli motive for the move, the Washington-based journalist said “The Netanyahu government is very upset with Obama over the Obama administration’s insistence that there be a freeze on settlements including in East Jerusalem [al-Quds]. So that couples with the reticence of the Obama administration to take any military action against Iran, which Netanyahu’s government favors, has brought this old story back to life.”

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  1. This sounds like someone’s attempt to bash Israel and/or Jews. The movement in the US about the birth certificate doesn’t need any outside push; those opposed to the Obama administration have plenty of motivation all by themselves.

  2. I don’t know why you published the above. “Investigative Reporter” Wayne Madsen is a conspiracy theory lunatic, who has accused Israel of everything including 9/11 and an attempt at colonizing Iraq with Kurdish Jews. He is a demented leftist whose writings are of no significance to anyone who is even remotely sane. As the previous comment mentions, birthers do not need any Israeli impetus.

  3. So the Jews are responsible for the “Birther” mania too? The United States Supreme Court refused to hear a petition during the election to bar Obama from running for the Presidency, but that isn’t good enouogh. So….

    Now the ultimate in conspiracy theoretics: The Jews did it! Not just any old Jews, but Israeli Jews!

    The “Birthers” will take their place along with the flying saucer believers and the hollow earth crew, but the faith in a Jewish conspiracy – any old piracy – won’t die. Why does the world believe we are so powerful in a negative way? Is it a backhanded tribute to our real spiritual power?

  4. The “birther” issue is not the nonsense some would make it out to be. There remains a serious question as to whether the president was actually eligible to run for the office. The only document shown by the president is a certification that there is a birth certificate on file for him in Hawaii. It is NOT his birth certificate. His Kenyan grandmother claims she was present at his birth in Kenya. He has spent almost 1.5 million dollars fighting against the release of his actual birth certificate. If nothing else, why would he fight the release of the document if there is nothing to hide?

    I don’t know if he was eligible or not. It is just a fair question to ask that remains unresolved.

  5. When sane Americans ask themselves why the FBI, The CIA, The Secret Service, Congress, and The Supreme Court – not to mention the media – have all failed to take responsibility for verification of Barack Obama’s Natural Born Citizen status, as required by the U.S. Constitution, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that something big is going on behind the scenes.

    In an environment of mistrust and conspiracy theories, with foreign countries from Russia, to North Korea, to Iran, to Venezuela, more informed than American Citizens themselves on Obama’s Kenyan background, it should come as no surprise that many of us – Jew and non-Jew alike – are more willing to place our trust in Intelligence Services such as Mossad and no nonsense politicians from Israel to tell us the truth.

    The following two articles, posted on WND on August 10, 2009 should be more than enough to show all Americans and the world famous American Media that there is a legal case to be had:

    Yet, they all choose to be complicit in this monumental deception!

    If there ever was a time for the faithful believers of the Judeo-Christian scriptures to come together to expose the truth, the time is now. Hopefully our prayers will be answered soon and Israel can help us out of this mess.

    Obama is no friend of Israel, and if anyone doubts this, then they have not researched his support for Raila Odinga and the Muslims of Kenya and Somalia before the election. The KBC (Kenyan Birth Certificate) that Orly Taitz has obtained is slowly waking up Americans to the nightmare those that voted him into office have created.

    Exposing the truth about Barack Obama without linking his deception to the teachings and ambitions of the founder of Islam will not work. The lofty goals of International Bankers for globalization and overpopulation control through the neutralization of America’s independence will not work.

    No surrender, no retreat! Equality between men and women! Respect for the sanctity of life! Honor and Integrity. These are the values that America stands for. Only Israel understands this – and only the truth can set the rest of the world free.


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