Report: Netanyahu Mulling Non-Majority Government Amid Coalition Deadlock

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As Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu’s attempts to form a viable coalition come to a standstill, the premier is reportedly mulling over a forming a non-majority government of just 60 lawmakers.

According to the Yediot Ahronot, the coalition would be formed without the Avigdor Liberman-led Yisrael Beytenu party who has refused to back down on his demand to draft yeshiva bochurim into the army putting him at odds with the charedi parties.

Failure to bridge the impasse led to the dissolution of Netanyahu’s last government and resulted in the call for snap elections in the first place.

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  1. This Lieberman is a RASHA!!! Thank you to all those who fought to hard to open up the USSR to let the jews out so Israel could be swamped with the likes of Lieberman. People yearning for the freedom to be secular and forsake the Torah. For THAT they might as well have stayed in Russia.

  2. Netanyahu would be better off going to elections again. Lieberman’s 6 mandates against chareidi 15 has a very very good chance of deleting lieberman’s on the picture totally. The chareidim parties would probably win more becausr bennet would hopefully learn from his mistakes and go back with netanyahu and then netanyahu would be able to form a government with a better majority and leiberman would be free to go back to the gulags.

  3. You are correct about Lieberman, but keep in mind he is not the only rasha in EY. There are plenty of home-grown reshaiim there such as Yair Lapid, Ehud Barak, and quite a few others.

  4. What did the Israeli government do to the birds in Israel? Many cities are not seeing any birds on their rooftops nor anywhere else and many have noticed dead birds around. What happened? Did they spray something to get rid of those beetle-cockroaches and moths which killed the birds too?

    • You are right there are barely any birds around anymore, although the ravens are exceptionally fat these days. I wonder if the Mossad got a tip that Mashiach is coming soon, so they decided to kill off all the birds that can be used for Korbanos.


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