Report: Netanyahu to Oppose Women’s Sifrei Torah at the Kosel

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koselIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly set to oppose the use of Sifrei Torah in the women’s section at the Kosel.

Sources in the Prime Minister’s Office told Army Radio on Tuesday that Netanyahu would support the status quo at the site in a state response to a High Court of Justice petition demanding that women be permitted to bring Sifrei Torah into their section, Times of Israel reports.

The petition was submitted by the Women of the Wall group, which seeks to promote women’s prayer rights at the site and has long advocated for permission to bring Sifrei Torah into the women’s section as part of their services, which is prohibited under the rules of the site.

In the past, the rabble-rousing group has smuggled a mini-Sefer Torah into the women’s section. During a service in April, male supporters of the group hoisted a Sefer Torah over the divider between the men’s and women’s sections.

Women of the Wall gather at the Kosel at the start of each Jewish month to provoke others. Its members have long been at odds with staff from the office of the rov of the Kosel, and with police, for holding services that violate the rules enforced by the office.

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