Report: Non-Kosher Hot Dog Incites Rage At Jewish Eatery

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franks21The following is a portion of a report today by WCBS-TV about last week’s incident at a Boro Park eatery (reported here and here) when a non-Jewish worker brought treife hot dogs into the store:
It was an all-out frankfurter frenzy this week at a popular Jewish restaurant in Brooklyn, as a certain hot dog caused a near-riot.
It’s not what you would expect: a worker in a NYC eatery caught on tape fending off a group of Jewish patrons with an electric knife.”I was petrified – stuff was going through my mind,” a patron who didn’t want his name used said. “I want to live. I don’t want to get stabbed for a hot dog.”

The long-time patron says the chaos broke out when he and a rabbi noticed the frankfurters on the grill were non-Kosher, in a restaurant that’s supposed to be dishing out the Kosher variety.

“The package didn’t look Kosher,” the patron said. “It was the last piece in the package.”

Some customers were quick to defend the worker, who was surrounded by, according to some witnesses, a hundred enraged people.

“He just got angry,” the patron said. “He wasn’t about to do anything to the guys.”

The rabbi, who originally certified the Shawarma King restaurant Kosher, has written a letter to the community in a Jewish newspaper. In the letter, he calls the frankfurter mix-up a “terrible mistake.”

“It was a one-time incident,” Borough Park resident Yosi Stern, who translated the Yiddish letter for CBS 2, said. “They caught it before it was even served to the consumers.”

The rabbi tells the community that a worker was sent out to buy hot dogs, and that he went to the wrong market and bought non-Kosher hot dogs.

Neighbors say the owner is an honest man.

“He’s a very religious man,” one neighbor says. “He studies every morning, and he’s not the type of guy to fool people.”

The popular spot on 13th Avenue was shut down for several days as rabbis examined the premises for non-Kosher food, and threw out equipment that came in contact with the uncertified meat.

Customers, and the restaurant’s owner, say they’re hoping similar incidents don’t come up in the future.

The restaurant’s owner says that, in addition to throwing out equipment, utensils were cleansed with a flame to purge any pieces of the non-Kosher food.

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  1. Either way, it is against the agreement with the machshir for an owner to send a worker to buy food and not to inspect that the food is in fact the correct thing. This is elementary and that place should be closed for good! The community is too lenient when it comes to things like this!

  2. What a bunch of useful idiots these rabble rousers are. Don’t they realize that the chilul hashem they caused is far worse than the accident that the worker commited.The sin of Chilul Hashem is so severe that nothing can be atoned for it in this world.People should get their priorities straight and realize what consequences can come out of their dumb actions

  3. I agree with mordechai. May Hashem have mercy on those malshin on our ehrlich frum yiddin. The Chilul Hashem is so severe. I hope those malshinim can do teshuvah.

  4. the dope is u mixing up Chilul Hashem with a Metzva u have to let know the public abut what happened this is a series breach of trust i would never go in this please again

  5. Mordechai,
    Chillull Hashem is not defined by what the guy on the street will think. You need your priorities straightened out. How about talking to a serious rabbi about Judaism. You may just like it.

  6. Nishtgeshtogen, when goyim see frum yidden act like animals, that is a desecration of Hashems name whether you like it or not. We are the chosen people and we are supposed to act in a dignified manner, when yidden lose control and act like hooligans, then the goyim think to themselves that they are just like the rest of hooligans in the world and they immediately disregard Judaism as phony. That is one of the definitions of chilul Hashem. You are the one that needs a reality check and do some soul searching and you might very well discover that Derech Eretz Kodmoh Latorah. If you fail to accomplish that , then you might want to get in touch with a real Rabbi and he will teach you a thing or two about Yiddishkeit and how to act.

  7. This was an innocent mistake (Where was the Mashgiach?!) & it’s not fair that the owner should lose his Parnasa because of it!
    The people who should really be thrown out of town, are the “Heimisha” grocery stores that lie to us and price gouge us year after year! (See above story)They should be put in Cheirem! They should have big posters with their pictures on it, informing everyone that they are Ganavim!

  8. Instead of saying it is an honest mistake, the Rav Hamachshir should be crying that the owner made a grave breach of his responsibilities by not checking the prodict. The rav Hamachshir should close the place down. Instead he’s dismissing the incident as an accident and everyone is going to go back to their complacency.

  9. I wish owner much luck! I’m sure he’s inicint but he ,ade a mistake by doing such an inresponsible thing. He sould have went ouit and bought it himself. Why would he leave the job to the mexixcan worker? Thaty was a very dum thing do do.

  10. eggman- why shud you act so harsh on him? he’s just a regular man whose one of his workers botched up. I’m not trying to minimize the grave deed but imagine the tzoros him and his family is going through especially during these trying times-
    and Mordechai- of course you need to think about the person on the street thinks. you gotta understand that with the media today via internet or tv anything can be twisted so don’t just minimize that person

  11. It was a mistake but it is still a kashurus issue. How many people trust these places after such an incedent. In my neighborhood, there was a certain time where 3 or 4 eaterys and rocery stores shut down because of Kashurus SCANDELS not mistakes. They were bought again and opened up but still. I beleive that kosher eaterys should be handeled only by Jewish workers. In this recession we anyway should be looking out for our Jewish brothers and jobs they need before Jose Smith on the street!

  12. Response to KK: The most irresponsible thing an owner can do, outside of purposeful intent, is to send his worker to buy the meat & not check it. If he can be so carefree in that way what other mishigosim is he doing there? What is the hashgocho worth if he can do this and continue business as usual? Let all other store owners learn that when they go against the rules that their machshir has set, there will be dire consequences!

  13. I heard that the mexican saw that there was a place right across that was much cheaper than the kosher hot dogs. They were of course not kosher. I dont understand, wasnt there a mashgiach????


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