Report: Obama Blaming Israel for Rising Fuel Prices

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obama1The Obama administration is blaming Israel for the recent rise in global crude oil prices, according to a Sunday report in The World Tribune. The rise in fuel prices is deemed as harming the U.S. economy and has also hurt Obama in the polls as he seeks re-election in November.

The report cited a leading U.S. analyst, Robert Satloff, who returned from talks with Israeli officials.

Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said, according to The World Tribune, that the Israeli leadership saw Washington as attributing the higher gas prices to “Israel’s posturing” on Iran.

“They think the Iranians should be held responsible for the higher gasoline prices,” Satloff was quoted as having said.

He added that the officials told him the Obama administration was staging a campaign to undermine Israel.

“I cannot underscore how deep and visceral the [Israeli] comments of the leaking that came out of Washington were,” Satloff said, noting Israel is alarmed by what officials determined were leaks by the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama of purported Israeli preparations to attack Iran.

The Israeli concerns come in the wake of a report in Foreign Policy magazine last week, according to which Israel has purchased an airfield in Azerbaijan on Iran’s northern border, prompting the United States to watch very closely.

Journalist Mark Perry wrote that the Obama administration is monitoring Israel’s relations with Azerbaijan, particularly its military ties.

The Americans believe Israel may use the site as a springboard for an attack on Iran’s nuclear plants, or as a landing and refueling spot following one. The site could also be used for aircraft needed for search, rescue and recovery in the wake of an attack.

“We’re watching what Israel is doing in Azerbaijan. And we’re not happy about it,” an official told the Foreign Policy writer.

Azeri president Ilham Aliyev later dismissed the speculation and said, “Azerbaijan’s territory will never be used to launch an attack against its neighbor, Iran.”

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{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. This is nothing new, and not surprising. Hussein Obama, since the infancy of his presidency, has demonstrated his obvious affinity towards arab causes – as he should – as he is one of them.
    All we can do is to make sure he is soundly defeated in November so that we can end this Eisav/Haman who is our “president.”
    May Pesach bring the true Geulah.

  2. I am not a supporter of President Obama, but I am also not a supporter of false reporting. Where in the text of this article is there a substantiation of the headline’s claims??

    At best, some “US analyst” is “reporting” that “officials” told him that…

    Talk about third hand information!

  3. As much as I distrust Romney, we must get behind him. assist him and even contribute to his campaign. What a hillul Hasshem when themedia reports that 80% of the “jewish vote” went to this Sonai Yisrael- barack HUSSEIN Obama!

  4. I am bewildered by those who claim that Obama is a Muslim in hiding. I don’t care where he was born or who his mentors were. Just a sidenote, considering his pastor who he listened to for 20 years well that Pastor was not a Muslim! But regarding his religion well if he was even remotely Muslim he would never allow those with a different style of marriage which goes against all religions to be mainstreamed. In Muslim countries such acts are punishable by death. and the Islamic religions would never ignore this! So what kind of claim is this that he’s Muslim? Most of Obamas agenda in the Middle East, is based on the demands of Jstreet. So if we have any issues with anybody on the above issues, lets take them out on our fellow Jews at Jstreet. President Obama was the first President ever to make a seder, so he does not hate Jews. He’s just very Liberal, way more to the left then most leftist in this country. And Leftist cater to freedom of speech, and don’t worry about Muslim terrorists either, not because they agree with their way of life, nothing of the sort, it just is in order to preach the freedom for everything agenda, which no Muslim religious person could live with.

  5. He blamed Bush for the bad ecconomy, and now he blames the USA’s best ally for oil prices. Will he ever blame himself for anything real??

  6. #3 get real all these leaks about an eminent attack on iran or the gas story ARE coming out of the white house its his way of plausibility and deniability.
    lets stop making excuses for this man

  7. I find it hard to believe that this came from Mr. Obama’s office. And I am not certain I have even heard of this publication let alone read it myself. So good luck in your anti Obama defamation suits.


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