Report: Obama Planning Revenge Against Netanyahu

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During his final year in the White House, President Barack Obama is preparing a metaphorical roadside IED for Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, reports the Jerusalem Post. “It cannot be that the tainted relations between the two leaders will not end with Obama exacting some sweet revenge,” quotes others as saying.

Variations of the above statement have been uttered for a while now by senior American and Israeli officials since Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress last year during his campaign against Obama and his nuclear agreement with Iran.

This week, the Post reports, the New York Times brought the Obama-Netanyahu relationship back into the headlines when the paper expounded on the US president’s possible future revenge against the Israeli leader that will be served up cold in the form of a UN Security Council resolution on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Several officials have said that Obama has grown so frustrated with trying to revive Middle East peace talks that he may lay down his own outline for an Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution, in the form of a resolution in the United Nations Security Council, the Times reported.



  1. Obama has been planning revenge against Israel even before he became a President. All his voters have blood on their hands.


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