Report: Obama Stopped Israel From Attacking Iran In 2012

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Israel was close to launching an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2012, despite opposition from the Obama Administration, the New York Times reported.

The administration sent a series of officials to Israel to “Bibisit” Prime Minister Netanyahu and convince him to hold off on any attack every few weeks.

Netanyahu stated that his intentions to attack Iran were “not a bluff” and that it was opposition within his own government and Cabinet which ultimately prevented any attack.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Wow Baruch Hashem!
    yet another favor Obama did for us

    could you imagine the catastrophe that would have resulted

    how many lives did Obama save?
    how many worlds

    zul er zayn nor gezunt biz a hundred in tzantzig
    Its mind boggling the number of Zechusim Obama has I envy his chelek in Olam haba

  2. This is a racist report. Please remove the article immediately. I’m very concerned about backlash from those white Jews against African-American’s.


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