Report Of White Powdery Substance At Obama’s DC Office Being Investigated


Police are on the scene at former President Obama’s D.C. office after reports of a white powdery substance being found.

The incident was reported around 12:30 p.m. at 1250 24th Street in Northwest, D.C. The former president has leased office space at the building since leaving office in January 2017. The building is owned and is headquarters to non-profit World Wildlife Fund. Read more.




  1. Shouldn’t it be more alarming to the American people that President Trump’s family got hurt from those who are out to harm the President? Where’s the article on the white powdery substance that was sent in a letter to Mrs. Don Trump Jr yesterday hospitalizing her?

  2. This is all part of the plot by those evil white bigoted racist heterosexual males, to do everything in their power to destroy our first African-American President. It’s high time we start rounding up those despicable evil white people and have them interned in reeducation camps.


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