Report: PA Returns Hundreds Of Millions Of Shekels

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Israel secretly transferred hundreds of millions to the Palestinian Authority to prevent its collapse – but the PA returned the money.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu held an urgent meeting with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon earlier today to discuss the deteriorating Palestinian economy in the West Bank, according to a report on Channel 12 news.

According to the report, Israeli officials are concerned that the Palestinian Authority will collapse entirely in the wake of President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to accept tax revenues collected by Israel, after it withheld part of the money, commensurate to payments made by the PA to the families of Palestinian attackers and prisoners.

The PA has said in the past that it will not accept money from Israel that does not include salaries for terrorists and their families.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. let them collapse and have Israel annex the West Bank into Israel and treat the arabs like its citizens IF THEY SIGN AN AGREEMENT TO STOP THE TERROR


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