Report: Pelosi Urging Nadler To Lay Off Intense Impeachment Efforts

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged House Judiciary Committee Democrats and chair Jerry Nadler to abandon ship on their “Moby Dick”-like obsession with impeaching President Trump, it emerged Wednesday.

The veteran California congresswoman launched the friendly fire broadside in a closed-doors Capitol Hill meeting last week, warning Democratic members and aides of Nadler’s crew that their thirst for impeachment would never survive a floor vote, according to Politico.

“And you can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi told those on hand for the verbal keelhauling, who did just that to the Beltway outlet.

Nadler’s camp did not respond to requests for comment.

Read more at THE NY POST.



  1. Pelosi realizes the truth. Democratic impeachment efforts potentially may have a political boomerang effect in terms of motivating the president’s base, which will help give him victory in 2020.

  2. Nadler who is on the indictment list is panicking as Declassified has begun.

  3. Nadler is such an idiot and “Baal gaavah”. He is hell bent on getting Trump that he doesn’t realize that he is making a fool out of himself. He wants to make a name for himself and he is – but not what he thinks


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