Report: Pentagon to Lease Trump Tower Unit for Nuclear ‘Football’


The U.S. Defense Department is preparing to lease out a privately owned apartment in Trump Tower to store President Trump’s nuclear “football,” the device that holds the nuclear codes, Reuters reported late Friday. Citing a letter from the Pentagon to Representative Jackie Speier, a Democrat on the House Armed Services and intelligence committees, the report said the Defense Department has stressed that the move would not financially benefit Trump in any way.

“We are not aware of any means through which the President would personally benefit from a Government lease of this space,” Defense Department official James MacStravic was cited as saying in the letter.

The letter also said the deal was “typical of support provided” to former U.S. presidents at their residences, though it’s not clear if this would be the first time the Defense Department is storing classified information on that scale outside the White House. Read more.



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