Report: Poisoned Spy May Have Worked on Trump Dossier  

The mystery of the former Russian agent who was poisoned with a nerve agent in a small English city on Sunday is getting more complex by the day. The Telegraph reports today that Sergei Skripal—who remains in a critical condition in hospital alongside his daughter and a British police officer—was in close contact with a security consultant who worked for Christopher Steele, the former British agent who compiled the infamous Trump dossier.
The newspaper refused to name the consultant, but reported that a LinkedIn page deleted in the past few days stated that he was based in Salisbury—where the attempted murder took place—and had previously done work for Orbis Business Intelligence, which is run by Steele.
The Telegraph report states: “If the Kremlin believed that Col. Skripal might have helped with the compilation of the dossier, it could explain the motive for the assassination attempt in Salisbury town center.” On Wednesday, Valery Morozov—a former construction magnate who fled Russia—told Channel 4 News that Skripal was not retired and met with military intelligence officers every month. Read more at The Telegraph.


  1. Fake news. It can’t be. There is no such thing as a conspiracy. Whatever the government/media tells you, you MUST believe as the god given truth. If you god forbid challenge them, you are immediately labeled as a dangerous nut-case who must be institutionalized.

    • Unless you happen to have been there when the plane hit the Pentagon. But don’t let the facts disturb your fantasy world.

      • No plane hit the building. There has not been a single video released by the most guarded and surveillanced building in the world. The alleged hole is at ground level. No plane can fly at high speeds at ground level without knocking in to other buildings, embankments, light poles, gas stations (across the street) etc…
        These so- called terrorists had to be the most unbelievable talented experienced pilots in the history of the world. They make Chesley Sullenberger look like a backward incompetent fool.

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised that this “poisoned spy” belongs on the Clinton Body Count list. They’re very good at taking care of their associates.


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