Report: Prisoner Swap To Include 50-100 Hostages, In Exchange For 300 Terrorists

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A French media report states that a potential prisoner swap being negotiated could involve releasing 50-100 hostages in exchange for the liberation of 300 convicted terrorists, specifically targeting females or underage individuals.

The accompanying ceasefire in this proposed agreement is expected to last for five days.

Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh informed Reuters that an imminent ceasefire agreement is on the horizon, and the organization has conveyed its response regarding the prisoner swap through Qatari intermediaries.

Azat a-Rishek, a member of Hamas’ political bureau abroad, clarified that the proposed ceasefire would be for a limited number of days, facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid into all areas of the Gaza Strip. In return, it involves the release of Israeli hostages and a “limited number” of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

A-Rishek emphasized to Al Jazeera that once the details of the ceasefire deal are finalized, they will be made public by Qatar.

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  1. Bibi folding under US pressure is always a safe bet. And the Gantz group is worse yet. The US State Department is grooming them to take over.

  2. Full release of all the hostages at once and then maybe consider 5 day break (if army is ok with it and doesn’t put soldiers in more harms way). Do not trade away a single terrorist sitting in prison. It may sound cold, but the hostages lives aren’t more important than the soldiers lives or future deaths this pause/release may cause. We’ve learnt the hard way with the ridiculous Shalit deal what this can cause.

  3. I wouldn’t trade all the hostages for one terrorist. We are incentivizing hostage-taking.

    Any deal that Hamas is willing to do is, by definition, a churban for klal yisroel

  4. I’m baffled….didnt anyone learn from the Gilad Shalit deal???? If I was the mom, wife, sister, brother child etc of a soldier I’d be so mad now. I am so mad right now. Why does Israel always do this? They can never finish the job. What a bunch of losers. There’s a reason those terrorists are behind bars. Keep them there!!!


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